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No. Q-016 -- Control of Suppliers on Social Accountability

Q : What would be typical questions I could add into a supplier
questionnare to ensure social accountability ? 
A :

Typical questions could be :

a) Do you have a plan to implement SA 8000 management system ? When ?
b) Do you intend to achieve SA 8000 certification ? When ?
c) Do you use child labour ? (<15 years)
b) Do you use forced labour ?
c) Describe the practices of health and safety in your factory.
d) Do workers have freedom of association ?
e) Does discrimination exist in your factory ?
f) What will be the disciplinary action when workers are doing wrong ?
g) What is your working hours and maximum overtime hours ?
h) Are workers receiving renumeration that can fulfil basic needs ?
i) Do you have a documented management system that describes the above ?
Any record maintained ?