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No. Q-015 -- What to do when implementing ISO 9001

Q : We are located in a place far from Hong Kong. In our organisation we have a
laboratory and the Administration department. How best can we implement the
quality management system ? I was recently appointed as the Quality Assurance
Manager. Please help with what I need to do. What kind of training do I need and
where can I have it and how much does it cost ? 
A :

For setting up an ISO 9001 quality management system, you need to :

a) detemine the scope of the system (e.g. provision of laboratory testing service)
b) draw up the organization chart
c) buy the standard and relevant materials for reference and study
d) prepare a quality manual
e) prepare procedures (e.g. document control procedures)
f) prepare work instructions (e.g. instruction for testing of xxxx)
g) prepare/standardize the forms to be used
h) organize training - ISO 9001 quality awareness and Internal Audit trainings
i) organize internal audit at later stage
j) organize other things as per ISO 9001 requirements and your procedures.
k) organize Certification audit by Certification Body.

There is obviously a lot of work to do. Yes, you need trainings, but I would suggest
you get a consultant.

i) for trainings, I guess you should look around in your country to see whether you
can find training courses available.

ii) for consultancy, we can offer on-line consultancy through using e-mail. We can
also review documentation on line and give advices on line.

iii) for certification, I also suggest you look around in your country to get one.