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No. Q-013 -- Food Allergens

Q : Cross Contamination is a common hazard when we perform the hazard analysis
in case of doing HACCP Plan. Cross contamination of food allergens is said to be
an important consideration. Can you provide more information on this ? 
A :

Each year the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) receives reports of consumers
who experienced adverse reactions following exposure to an allergenic substance
in foods.

Food allergies are abnormal responses of the immune system, especially
involving the production of allergen specific IgE antibodies, to naturally occurring
proteins in certain foods that most individuals can eat safely. Frequently such
reactions occur because the presence of the allergenic substances in the foods is
not declared on the food label.

To combat this problem, FDA has issued a "Notice to Manufacturers," dated June
10, 1996, which addressed labeling issues and Good Manufacturing Practices
(GMPs). This letter is available on FDA’s website, www.cfsan.fda.gov/~lrd/

It is believed there is scientific consensus that the following foods can cause
serious allergic reactions in some individuals and account for more than 90% of
all food allergies.2, 3, 4

Tree nuts

More information can be found in the FDA website :


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