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No. Q-012 -- Food safety managment system

Q : What is the standard which defines the requirements of food safety management ?
Are there any government legislation governing food safety management ? 
A :

There are many such standards or guidelines available in the world. Some of
them are national standards and some international.

Examples are :

a) HACCP Standard published by Danish Standards Association. HACCP : means
"Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point".

b) ISO 15161:2001 : this is an international standard, published in Dec. 2001. It
applies to organizations involving in different aspects of the food industry, such as
sourcing, processing and packaging such products (food and beverages). This
standard is named "Guidelines on the application of ISO 9001:2000 for the food
and drink industries."

c) Guidelines published by the Codex Alimentarius World Health Organization.

d) FDA Guidelines of USA : "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Principles
and Application Guidelines" published in 1997.

Governmental requirements have been set up in the various foreign countries to
control the safety of food.

Examples are :

1. FDA of USA has published regulations to govern the imported food products.

2. EU has established the controls based on HACCP.

3. WHO and FAO have fully supported the use of HACCP.

4. Canada government has asked for the production of Food Safety Plans by
foodserve organizations and training of staff in foodsafe programmes.

5. FDA of USA has set up requirements for juice production and seafood
businesses to use HACCP in their operations.