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No. Q-007 -- Safety Management System - FIU(SM)

Q : What is FIU(SM)and what is its implication ? 
A :

The full description for FIU(SM) is the Factories and Industrial Undertaking (Safety
Management) Regulation, Chapter 59. It has been issued and reinforced by the
Labour Department of the Government of HKSAR.

It is applicable to contractors and proprietors who fall into the categories defined in the Regulation.

Contractors and proprietors in relation to construction sites, shipyards, factories,
and other designated industrial undertakings (e.g. generation and transmission of
electricity, town gas or LPG and those involved in the handling of containers). They
are applicable when no. of workers (including subcontractors)is 50 or over and
shall be required to set up and implement the Safety Management System as
stated in the Regulation.

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