ISO 9001 Quality System Maintenance - Preparation for Surveillance Visits


If you are a certified company, do you find that you still need a consultant to help in maintaining your Quality System ? If a system is well established, it would not need to rely heavily on the Consultant after Certification. However, it would be beneficial if an external Consultant can come from time to time and give you an independent and professional view of the status of your ISO 9000 Quality System.

The benefits of using consultants in this respect are :

  • They can help in identifying non-conformities so that you can correct or improve them beforehand.
  • They are trained personnel and independent of your operations. Thus they can give helpful advices in order to improve your system.

An Audit will be conducted before the Certification Body Surveillance Visit in such a way as to cover the main aspects of the ISO 9000 Quality System.

After the audit, a Quality Audit Report showing all the findings plus details of nonconformities will be submitted to your company for information and actions. If required, our consultant(s) can subsequently provide suggestions (through fax or email) to advise on the corrective and preventive actions based on the nonconformities found in the audit.

Outline of Programme

  • Audit arrangement
  • Audit (on site visit)
  • Preparation of Audit Report
  • Assist client representatives in determining corrective and preventive actions through fax or email (if needed).


Our quotations will be established based on the size, locations, complexity of organization and the nature of business of the client company. Please call us to obtain a firm quotation for System Maintenance.