ISO 9001 Quality System Maintenance - Continuous Improvements


For most companies, being certified is well-recognized as organisation with quality practices. To enjoy the maximum capacity of the established Quality Management System, a Company must strive for continuous improvement. Apart from the mandatory requirement of Continuing Assessment Visits / Surveillance Visits by the Certification Body, there are times that a Company may undergo organizational changes, restructuring or changes of current operational practices. All these different situations contribute to the continuous improvement process and do require management attentions in the maintenance of the Quality Management System.

The continuous improvement process could be done by the Company management staff. But, have you thought of using a consultant to help in providing practical and efficient advice ? Experienced consultants understand the rules and regulations of audit and certification. With professional auditing skills and practical knowledge of ISO 9001 applications, system improvement can be achieved effectively and efficiently. This is especially essential if you do not want your revised system to violate the stipulated requirements and creates nonconformities which could affect your Company certification status.

We have assisted many companies from various fields of business in achieving ISO 9001 Certifications and we can assure you that our Consultants can assist your company to continue improve your Quality Management System.

Outline of Programme

Depending on the amount of resources in a company, the need for consultancy assistance could be all or only some parts of the following types of services :

  • Streamlining of work flow and Quality Management System
  • Identification of areas requiring improvements with proposed actions
  • Partial Audit prior to the Continuing Assessment Visits / Surveillance Visits by the Certification Body
  • Providing advice in preparing the corrective and preventive actions for the Quality Management System

Our service is very flexible and can be tailor-made for individual organisations.