ISO 9001 Quality System Maintenance - Full-cycle Internal Quality Audits


If you are a certified company, do you find that you do not have sufficient time to handle the Internal Quality Audit as required by ISO 9001 ? Have you thought of using a Consultant to perform this task for you ? Please note that ISO 9001 does allow the Internal Quality Audits to be conducted by external parties.

The benefits of using consultants in this respect are :

  • They are professionals in the areas of ISO 9000 and auditing and can perform audits in a more efficient and cost effective manner.
  • They are trained personnel and independent of your operations. Thus the audit they do can fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001.

The audits will be carried out in accordance with the system laid down in your Company Procedure for Internal Quality Audit. Every department under the scope of certification will be audited in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, client requirements and your documented Quality Management System. (e.g. Quality Manual, Procedures, Work Instructions and Quality Plans etc. )

The Full-cycle Internal Quality Audit will be a comprehensive audit in such a way that all Sections/Departments in the Company and all Clauses of ISO 9001 are well-covered.

Procedures will be checked to verify whether the Quality Management System complied with specified requirements. Selected staff members in the company will be interviewed and objective evidences of how they comply with requirements will be sought. After the audit, an Internal Quality Audit Report showing all the findings plus details of nonconformities will be submitted to your company for information and actions. Report format will be in line with that stipulated in your Procedure for Internal Quality Audit or in a format as agreed. If required, our consultant(s) will work with your representatives to decide corrective and preventive actions based on the nonconformities found in the audit.

Outline of Programme

  • Opening Meeting
  • Audit and report of nonconformities
  • Closing Meeting
  • Assist client representatives in determining corrective and preventive actions (if requested)